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Our online Lesson Planner includes the following components.

Lesson Planner

Lesson Planner allows teachers to enter lesson plans by the week. Teachers can view and edit different weeks by selecting the week desired. Subjects can also be viewed all together or one at a time. Lesson plans can be viewed or printed by the week, day or subject.

With School Accounts, Administrators can view the plans of all of the teachers. They can mark the plan as reviewed and send messages to the teacher reminding them to submit the plan or to make comments about the plan, if desired.


State or local standards can be entered to which the lesson plans can be correlated.


Reports can be generated to view submitted plans, view lesson plans by the week, view correlations of individual plans to standards and view standards set up for each subject.


With School Accounts, administrators and teachers can send messages to other members of the staff.


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